Elbridge Investments (Cyprus) Limited (“ELCY”) commenced its operations in financing shortly following its establishment in Cyprus on the 23rd of February 2001 under registration number HE 118464 having its registered office in Nicosia, Cyprus.

Following the expansion of its operations and in support of significant growth, in 2008 ELCY set up new larger trading offices in Nicosia, which the company maintains until current date. Alongside its growth, the Company gradually began investing in in-house personnel who could envision its strategy and outline its place in the market concentrating on activities in the field of financing and investments.

In 2014 ELCY utilized an increase in share capital to implement a major restructuring adjusting to new trends and developments.

In the following years the Company’s share capital has been further gradually increased, enhancing the ELCY’s role as a major financer of the projects under engagement and encouraging further diversification of investments and financial activities.

In addition, in years 2015 and 2017 the Company implemented the issue of a series of interest bearing convertible corporate bonds raising capital from various investors for refinancing of existing loans and replenishing the working capital as required for its operating activities. In 2019 ELCY was also successful in listing all of the bonds, following the strict regulations and guidelines of the Cyprus Stock Exchange. Currently the bonds of the Company are traded under ISIN CY0148711019 and ISIN CY0148702216.

In 2020 ELCY went through further expansive restructuring. The Company became a part of the Group and a direct subsidiary of Vonpende Holdings P.L.C. (“Vonpende”), a Cypriot holding company, the shares of which are listed and traded at the Cyprus Stock Exchange since year 2016 under ISIN CY0107170710. Vonpende Group currently includes more than 30 companies located in various countries of Western and Eastern Europe, USA and Asia.

The management of ELCY aims to continue the organic growth of the Company’s business, taking advantage of the current positive financial climate to generate profit and return to its investors.