Elbridge focuses on financing. Counterparties include Cypriot and Overseas companies interested in reliability in financing, clear drawing and repayment terms within the regulatory framework of Cypriot laws. Taking advantage of the pro-investment business climate, Elbridge has been actively investing in financial instruments from 2014 onwards.

Our philosophy:

Elbridge prides itself in offering financial diversification and following evolving credit control policies in order to create and sustain profitability. We devote time and attention to the results of due diligence and adhere to proportionality and risk management in assessing loan facilities and counterparties

Our goals:

Sustainability, reliability and growth remain our core business goals. In achieving our goals, our highly skilled in-house team is complemented by the daily communication by a group of expert advisors consisting of financial, investment and business analysts and legal professionals to ensure we operate within the realms of an approved business environment. We are constantly evaluating ways in which we can expand our financing projects and diversify our investment portfolio by entering into new and emerging markets.